Venus Factor Review – A Women’s Weight Loss Program by John Barban

It’s difficult for a woman to find a weight loss program that gives a beautiful body. As most of them are geared towards losing weight and maybe a bit of body toning. The program designed for men is mostly focused to give a buffed body and therefore not suitable for women. Venus Factor by John Barban is something that can help you get a beautiful body.

About the Venus Factor Program

The product is created by John Barban who is popular for much other product, but this is specifically geared towards women fitness and focus on specific issues faced by women for weight loss and body toning up. Unfortunately, it is difficult to lose weight in a healthy sustainable manner and most women get frustrated when their hard work leads to nothing.

Does the Approach of Venus Factor Work?

It starts by discussing leptin, a hormone that controls appetite and plays an important role in losing weight. Women have twice the leptin than men, and therefore have higher levels of leptin resistance. So, women start to build up fat in the most common areas like bum, hips, and belly.

While dieting, the levels of leptin in women get lowered as twice quickly as men and slow down the metabolic rate. Because of this women fall prey of the Yoyo Effect soon. This is also because of the stage of plateau when it is not possible to lose weight anymore.

Venus Factor solve this problem by resolving the leptin’s function. With a large range of different strategies that override the metabolic system, to allow women to retain a high metabolic rate, even in situation when their body’s natural rate would usually drop, like when they are on dieting and eventually weight loss is achieved.

What’s in the Whole Package?

It comes with a nutritional eGuide that fully explains the weight loss program and how it is specifically designed for women. It is not like any other quick weight shredder or dieting plan. It discusses and explains various nutritional strategies you want to know to lose weight in 3 months (12 weeks). It teaches you about what food will stand in your journey to weight loss, including soy-based foods, processed food, and the like and not any of these will assist in the production of leptin, therefore, must be avoided.

Who is John Barban?

John BarbanJohn Barban is a big name in weight loss, health and fitness world. He usually provides consultancy to rich and popular personalities and charges $500/hour. He created several systems that work at muscle toning and body reshaping that women need to look beautiful. He is also the author of “Anything Goes Diet” as a team fellow of Kyle Leon who is another big name in the nutrition and fitness world. Adonis Golden Ration Program is also his creation which is now used by 1000s of men around the globe.

The Points Liked by Users in Venus Factor Reviews

Venus Factor has several positive points and some of them are given below.

  • The program has easy and clear instructions to help you better understand it and follow.
  • You will not be restrictive to a few diets, in fact, you will be able to enjoy some fatty foods like burger and pizza occasionally.
  • The package includes an online virtual nutritionist to help you select the foods that work best on your weight loss regime and tell which foods to avoid.
  • Offer is backed up by a 2-month unconditional, no-questions-asked full refund policy if you are not satisfied.

What I Found People didn’t Like in Reviews of Venus Factor

Venus Factor is a completely online system, and therefore it may pose problems with people who are in the habit of paper books. You will also need a stable internet connection, so it is still a problem for those who live in remote areas where internet is not available.

Final Verdict about John Barban’s Venus Factor

It is an effective program that is designed to specifically support women’s biology and physiology. It smartly deals with the problems that come at the plateau stage and therefore in reviews of Venus Factor, it is found to be something really worth trying.

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